Game UX Summit Features VR Discussion On Gaming in Past, Present and Future

    Taking place next Thursday 12th May is the Game UX Summit 2016 in the Durham Convention Centre, North Carolina. Hosted by Unreal Engine creator Epic Games, the one day event will feature a virtual reality (VR) discussion by Don Norman Director of the Design Lab at the University of California, San Diego. There will also be a VR masterclass by Nick Donaldson, Senior Designer from Epic Games.

    Norman’s talk is titled ‘UX,HCD and VR: Games of Yesterday, Today, and the Future’. There’s no further details on what he’ll be discussing, but he’s well versed in the application of human-centered design. His bio on the Game UX Summit site states that: “Business Week has listed him as one of the world’s 27 most influential designers.” Adding that he co-founded ‘consulting firm Nielsen Norman group that helps companies produce human-centered products and services. He has been Vice President of Apple in charge of the Advanced Technology Group and an executive at Hewlett Packard.’

    While Nick Donaldson’s masterclass on VR will be an extension of a VRDC talk by Epic Games on what the studio found works and doesn’t work in VR. Topics covered will range from user comfort, matching user expectations, as well as comfort and avoiding simulation sickness. The masterclass will be taking place on Friday 13th May, running for 4 hours.

    Tickets are still available with a general admission ticket costing $399.00 USD plus a booking fee. The masterclass costs $650.00 plus fee and there’s student discounts available.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Epic Games, reporting back any new VR updates.

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