New To VR: Prep For Surgery In ‘Operating Room Environment’

    It might well be Christmas Eve but there’s still plenty of variety heading onto Oculus’s VR Share platform; and much like the other day’s offering from Unimersiv, today’s entry on New To VR has a specifically educational slant.

    Operating Room Environment is a recreation of a hospital room used for surgery, created to allow students, trainee doctors and nurses to enter a normally clean space and investigate what constitutes it, and look in detail at the equipment therein. Items have been recreated in part through cooperation with the makers for accuracy. Created by Arch Visual these items also have a number of interactive features and a multiplayer mode of sorts can also be used in specific circumstances.

    Compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2 head mounted display (HMD), it does require no significant amount of resources (see the Oculus VR Share page), however on this occasion no specific SDK version is specified. For a closer look you can see Operating Room Environment in action in the video below.

    VRFocus will be back soon for more examples of newly released VR apps and software, join us again soon.


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