Jungle Dino VR

    Demonstration version of VR contents is specialized for Oculus lift DK2. You are drifting at Dinosaur island and escape here to avoid dinosaurs. In regular version, it will be composed 4 stages, Coast, Meadoe, Jungle and Cave but you can only enjoy Jungle stage on Demonstration version. You can experience more realistic jungle Dinosaur VR using our developed Thriller-X. If not, You can enjoy thru Oculus lift DK-2, keyboard or Gamepad

    Game pad controls

    xbox pad is not available.
    Please use regular PC joypad.

    – Keyboard –

    forward: W(UpArrow)

    backward : S(DownArrow)

    move left : A(LeftArrow)

    move right : D(RightArrow)

    map : Tab

    help : F1

    menu : Enter

    run : Shift

    jump : Spacebar

    Jungle Dino VR
    Jungle Dino VR
    Jungle Dino VR


    Developer einpictures
    Publisher einpictures
    Supported Rift Versions
    DK1, DK2
    Supported Controllers
    Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
    Game Modes

    Jungle Dino VR