New To VR: Illuminate The Dark Of The Past In The Town Of Light

    With Oculus VR Share still apparently devoid of any updates since Christmas we’re back on Steam for our next journey into the world of recent virtual reality (VR) experiences and a first person psychological thriller in the form of The Town Of Light.

    Set in early 1938, The Town of Light follows the story of sixteen year old Renée a confused and lonely girl who is being punished for reasons unclear, though if you were to ask her answer would probably be “for existing”.  Something isn’t quite right, naturally enough and so you must journey through the game investigating Renée’s life and piecing together her history. A history that, for better or worse, you will help decide.

    Supporting the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD), The Town Of Light is very much an adult experience and warns of such, and notes that whilst dark notes that it certainly isn’t a game for scares. “The only horror you will find in this game is the truth: a blow to the solar plexus, much more intense than any supernatural presence.” Indeed, sometimes the ghosts of the past are far more chilling.

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    VRFocus will be back soon with another New To VR spotlight.


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