New To VR: Get A Taste For Fungi With MushroomBallVR Demo

    With the way Oculus VR Share is set up it is sometimes on New To VR we end up effectively crossing over with other developing stories as creators look to advertise their product as much as possible and allow virtual reality (VR) users the chance to get an early look at their product.

    Yesterday on VRFocus we brought you news about MushroomBallVR, a VR platformer that was created by developer VitruviusVR and how i had just launched its Kickstarter campaign, something we first talked about back in October. Now a sneak peak version of the game has come to Oculus VR Share supporting the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD).

    In MushroomBallVR nothing less than the survival of your people is at stake.You must defend your vital supplies from raiders eager to take the precious fungi for themselves by travelling over the land in your mushroom ball and scaring off the would-be thieves. Failure will result in starvation so it’s vital you win!

    You can see the game in action with this Steam Greenlight trailer below. The sneak peak version is available to download now via Oculus Share where you can find additional information about the gameplay and technical specifications.

    Tomorrow on New To VR we go inside the human body for a VR adventure not to be missed. Join us then.


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