New to VR: Elastic! Allows VR Fans to Swing Like Spider-Man

    Super powered virtual reality (VR) has a lot of promise, even if there are a great deal of hurdles to overcome on the technology side before it reaches its full potential. That’s not stopping some developers from tackling the genre right now, however. Elastic! from Petite Pinion isn’t necessarily a superhero videogame, but it does allow players to swing around a city like a certain wall-crawling Marvel character.

    Elastic! is set in a large urban environment that players can swing through by attaching ropes to objects. To do this, all players need to do is look at the building that they want to latch on to and then swing through the air. Outside of the city is another environment that’s designed to allow players to easily swing about. A time trial course also features. The experience can now be downloaded for free over on Oculus Share for use with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

    It sounds similar in concept Psytec Games’ Windlands, which also allows for some VR rope-swinging.

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