New Tilt Brush Art Revealed by Opposable Games

    Earlier in the week developer Opposable Games released a video of in-house lead 2D artist Alix Briskham creating a 3D dragon using painting software Tilt Brush on HTC Vive. The developer behind virtual reality (VR) compatible title Salvaged, has released another video showcasing Briskham’s skills on the software.

    For the newest video the 2D artist demonstrates some of Tilt Brushes features including the colour picker and the mirror mode tool to create her ‘Angel of Death’ artwork. The videos look set to become something of a series, with the studio commenting under the video post: “We have more videos to come, including commentary from Alix herself.”

    The team seem to getting to grips with the HTC Vive since receiving the HMD back in September, displaying the new kit in an un-boxing video. This also confirmed its VR strategy title, Salvaged would be appearing on more than one headset platform. The VR videogame casts players as a deep space salvage commander, that orders a team of agents through alien-infested space ship wrecks as they hunt for salvage.

    Opposable Games recently discussed more details about the crafting and ranks and mastery additions in a blog post this month. On the crafting system the developer said: “The player now chooses which salvage items to sell and which to keep to build a stronger weapon or piece of armour. Through their own savvy – or lack thereof – the Salvaged experience becomes tailored and more personal to the player’s interaction with it.”

    VRFocus will continue to follow the latest news from Opposable Games, reporting back any updates.


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