NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal Heads to Cuba in VR to Teach Basketball With Jaunt

    The latest release by Jaunt, the self-sufficient filmmaking company, features one of the US’s NBA legends, Shaquille O’Neal, and in this film he travels to Cuba to get kids into the sport.

    Jaunt doesn’t seem to want to play it small with some of the biggest names featuring in their productions, and the addition of Shaquille O’Neal to the list only strengthens that argument. In this latest film, Shaq Goes to Cuba, the basketball player takes off to Cuba, as well as Managing Assistant of the Dallas Mavericks, Kaleb Canales, who both kick off the experience by having a look at some of what Cuba has to offer in terms of culture. This includes watching local dance and music culture.

    As the two move on from the performances, Shaq heads over to the basketball camp where he works with the kids to sharpen their hoop skills in the only way he knows how: “demonstrating ways to trick opponents into thinking they are about to make one play when really they are about to make an entirely different play, helping them perfect their shooting skills, and even giving the littlest campers a lift when necessary.”

    After following Shaq around for these experiences, viewers are then able to get into a classic car to Cuba, acting as a tourist alongside the sports star to go on a sightseeing tour, all before actually “getting in on the dancing fun” – so make sure to put on your dancing shoes before you put this on.

    Shaq Goes to Cuba is available in the Jaunt VR app, just the same with all the other films they have produced. It is available for iOS, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, as well as Desktop 360.

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