Life In 360: A Brush With Flight

    We began the week with a trip aboard a jumbo jet and now we’ve reached the midway point of the working week we’re continuing with a distinctly aviation based theme. However whilst Monday’s video had you inside the cockpit of an Airbus, on this occasion we’ll be strictly on the ground – although that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting up close and personal.  In these two videos (two because they are rather on the short side) you can see just how close you can come to an aeroplane in flight without even being in it.

    The first is something you might have seen on television on a travel programme or even on the news. We’re off to Maho Beach, which sits directly in front of the airport at St Maarten-St Martin.  The landing for planes is such they have to come in low.  Very low. Low enough they’re practically skirting the outer fence and low enough that you should probably consider the need for ducking.

    Speaking of ducking, ducking was certainly required for this photographer in the middle of the flightpath down into the airport on the Caribbean island of St Barts.  Owing to it’s position the light aircraft shown has to dip dangerously low over the road and this photographer gets the shot and the shock of a lifetime. Complete, apparently with grazes  – yes, apparently the plane does in fact make contact with him!

    VRFocus will be back, potentially with more 360 degree adventures in the field of aviation on Friday.