Mythical City Games to Make VR Version of Battle Fleet 2 For HTC Vive

    You may remember when Mythical City Games previously spoke to VRFocus about its most recent virtual reality (VR) videogame, Snow Fortress, a single player HTC Vive title where players can attack other fortresses and snowmen with snowballs. The studio is now making another VR title that is quite different from what it has done in VR, but isn’t too unfamiliar to them overall. Mythical City Games’s top title, Battle Fleet 2, is being adapted to the HTC Vive also – but not exclusively, as time goes by.

    Here is the second part to the interview posted not too long ago, and Jedrzej Jonasz, or JJ, CEO of Mythical City Games, has a lot to share about Battle Fleet 2‘s VR capabilities – including a pre-release footage trailer. What JJ talks about in this part of the interview is how the PC videogame is taken from its original state and adapted to VR, how well it has been able to fit into VR reversioning, and what players can expect from this new way of playing Battle Fleet 2. The title will be making its way to VR soon, and VRFocus will make sure to keep up to date with the studio.

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