Mythical City Games CEO Talks Snow Fortress Development and Future VR Projects at E3

    Although it is only an Early Access title, Snow Fortress has already snowballed enough to get attention from both virtual reality (VR) lovers and YouTubers, and the time is edging closer to the end of the four months quoted before graduating from Early Access. During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) VRFocus caught up with the main developer of Snow Fortress, Jedrzej Jonasz, a HTC Vive title recently released for Early Access where players can engage in snowball fights with snowmen, with more enemies being developed, and a fox by your side to guide you through your way to victory.

    In the interview that can be watched below, Jonasz shares what Snow Fortress is all about in his own words, including the gameplay, modes that are currently playable and will be playable when the full version comes out, why this title isn’t multiplayer yet, and hints towards potential future VR developments plans for Mythical City Games. Recently, Mythical City Games also released an update for Snow Fortress, including saving, snow globes, powerup blocks, new sound effects, and memory performance improvements.

    For more interviews from VRFocus’ coverage of E3 this year, make sure to check back, with new videos being posted every day, including an interview with one of the developers of Blasters of the Universe, Batman Arkham VR, and Harmonix Music VR. Until then, VRFocus will have all the latest news and updates in the world of VR.


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