Interactive Musical Environment Title PolyDome Arrives on HTC Vive For Early Access Support

    Previously, VRFocus reported on PolyDome releasing for the Samsung Gear VR earlier this year on its Concepts Store, the equivalent of Steam’s Early Access for the Oculus Store. Now it has arrived on Steam and is seeking support.

    This is a preview of the full experience that is said to be coming out later this year in Fall 2016. The developers explained on their Early Access page how they wish to move forward: “The plan is to add more modules or domes with different musical and audio integration. We want Polydome to be the best place to play with all aspects of interactive audio. We will try to build in all different aspects of audio creation, from remixing to recording. But this should not be thought of as a new kind of DAW (like Cubase, Pro Tools etc), more than a place to enjoy both audio and music but set in a VR context that cannot be experienced anywhere else.”

    PolyDome is an experience where the player is placed in a musical environment that changes, progresses, and reacts to the interaction you put into it. “Think of it as a sequencer, but rather than being a tool for creating music, it’s a place where you can explore and create different musical phrases and sounds. The point of PolyDome is not to win, loose or compete, but simply to relax and enjoy.”

    Using your Vive controllers, there is a new dimension added to the VR experience that Gear VR wouldn’t be able to offer. Placing shapes around, there is a relaxing light show that commences with the melodies you set out. The preview shows how you are able to break apart the shape when you no longer need it within the melodic sequence, and it seems that the placement of the shapes affects the types of sound you are able to achieve.

    This title is currently unavailable, but will release soon. For the latest updates and news in the world of VR, check back with VRFocus.

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