Minecraft For Oculus Rift Confirmed for Release Next Week

    Momentum has been building for Minecraft to arrive with full virtual reality (VR) support – and not just for mobile based head-mounted displays (HMD). Despite the previous teasing for the release of the PC VR version, it has now been shared that Oculus Rift support for Minecraft will be coming out a week later than initially anticipated.

    In a tweet by Tommasco Checchi, Lead Developer of Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, it is said: “PSA: unsurprisingly, promised dates change We said that Rift support would be in 0.15.6, but it will be out next week instead!”. It was first said that the Oculus Rift support would come along with the 0.15.6 update, which is the latest update to be released for the title, but instead it has a more ambiguous date of next week.

    Minecraft For Oculus Rift Confirmed for Release Next Week

    However, it was only a few days ago that Checchi tweeted that “I’m back in the office and I just played a lot of Minecraft for the Oculus Rift… it’s definitely ready for release :)”, but clearly it wasn’t ready for release this week. But, if it is anything like the Gear VR version, then it will be something worth waiting for.

    With this update for Oculus Rift support, it was shared that there would be the addition of creative and survival modes, including multiplayer, which are all gameplay modes that currently exist and define Minecraft. This would all come with the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition update, as well as some reportedly tweaks made just for VR.

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