Mars Is A Real Place Cardboard

    ‘Mars Is A Real Place’ is a musical slideshow of stereoscopic 3D photos of the surface of Mars. Works with Google Cardboard.

    Be inspired by the diverse landforms, brush up on your planetary geology terms, and make a bet with yourself on how long until a human footprint shows up in one of these photos!

    • More than 50 high-resolution images have been hand-picked and presented for your viewing pleasure. All of the images are stereoscopic and care has been taken to ensure they are allcomfortable to view in 3D (minimized retinal rivalry, panoramas are each shown at the proper FOV wrapping around the player, hard-to-converge portions cropped out, etc)

    • Most of the slideshow is set to music, so headphones are recommended.

    • Each image comes with supporting information for those that want to delve a little deeper into each landscape.

    • As of v1.01, specific images can be marked as favorites, allowing you to browse through a smaller set of images.

    WP-Appbox: Mars Is A Real Place Cardboard (2,24 €, Google Play) →