MageWorks Seeks Steam Greenlight Support

    It’s not every kind of videogame that works well as a virtual reality (VR) experience, but videogames that allow you to become a powerful mage who can cast spells and manipulate the world around you certainly do. MageWorks is a title seeking support on Steam Greenlight right now that offers just that on HTC Vive.

    MageWorks is a videogame that promises to teach its players the fundamentals of being a mage. It’s not as easy as you might think. The title starts players off with the basics of magic which include casting ice, fire, and lightning spells as well as teleporting. Once you’ve mastered this and proven yourself capable, the MageWorks will take you onto the crafting stages where you’ll also be able to choose something called a focus magic. MageWorks has a range of spells that encourage freedom of expression in its players, including demonic spells for those bad days.

    This is a title that appears to be about using the HTC Vive controllers to learn magical skills, though the developer states that “if you’re daring enough to explore the land, you might even discover some loot along the way” and aims to add map travelling as a new feature in the videogame which suggests that it will have some element of exploration. That said, the Early Access version of the game will be limited in terms of the content it will offer.


    VRFocus will keep up with the progress of the MageWorks Steam Greenlight campaign and report any developments as they happen.