Luckey: ‘No chance’ of Rift Pre-Orders ‘selling out’, New Carry Case Included

    Virtual reality (VR) fans are eager to get their hands on any possible details about the pre-order campaign for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) before it goes live tomorrow at 08:00 PST. There will be much to learn on the day itself, including how much the device costs, but kit creator Palmer Luckey continues to drop some smaller information in the build up to launch. Recently, he’s confirmed two new intriguing facts.

    Firstly, Luckey has confirmed that the pre-order campaign will not ‘sell out’ and that fans will continue to be able to pre-order and get a free copy of CCP Games’ EVE: Valkyrie, it just might mean getting the kit in a later shipment. “No chance of Rift preorders “selling out”, we will keep taking preorders for as long as people want EVE: Valkyrie!” he said before adding, “If enough people pre-order and somehow exhaust all the stock we are building up, later orders will just have a later ship date.”

    More recently the designer also announced that the carry case for the Oculus Rift, which accompanied the kit’s first development kit (DK1) but missed the second (DK2), would be returning for the consumer edition. “People really loved the carrying case we included with DK1 and skipped for DK2, so good news: It is coming back, and doper than ever!” Luckey noted. No word on exactly how the carry case has been made ‘doper’ yet.

    The good news continues to come for Oculus VR fans, then. Check back with VRFocus for plenty more on this exciting event tomorrow.


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