Lucid VR Demoing LucidCam at UC Berkeley Caltopia Festival

    Late last year Silicon Valley startup Lucid VR launched an IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign for its 180-degree camera, LucidCam. That campaign was a success raising just over $114,000 USD. Since then the company has recorded tours of UC Berkeley and Cal Rec Sports in California, and will be demonstrating the immersive videos at the UC Berkeley Caltopia Festival running yesterday and today.

    The new videos include a 3D Cal campus tour and four immersive sports videos that give viewers the experience that they are participating with various campus sports teams. The Cal VR campus tour gives prospective students across the world the ability to experience the campus almost first hand.

    “We want to provide all Cal students – and interested people anywhere – the chance to experience the beautiful Cal campus as if they were on a real tour, with a real tour guide and seeing the campus as it is, walking on the paths and through the buildings,” said Han Jin, CEO and co-founder, Lucid VR.

    While for the Cal Rec Sports VR videos the footage includes the ropes course, lacrosse practice, sailing and team building. “You are having the experience of doing the ropes course or being a part of the Lacrosse team, making you the actor in the film, not a passive observer,” Jin continued. “At Caltopia, we have a wonderful opportunity to share with the Cal community the amazing experience that VR delivers. We are very excited and pleased to be participating in this great event.”

    Lucid VR hasn’t said when the videos will go on wider release but they will probably be available through the LucidApp for iOS and Android.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Lucid VR, reporting back with any further announcements.