Life In 360°: See Behind The Scenes On New BBC Show Class

    Today on Life in 360 we cover a brand new series from the BBC which is coming later this year to the now online channel BBC Three. The show in question is called Class, and as you might gather from that is set in a school – but not just any school. The school in question is Coal Hill School, which may sound familiar to you because Class is the latest spin-off from Doctor Who. The show, which creators are hoping could be a “British Buffy” will join the ranks of Torchwood and the Sarah Jane Adventures later this year.

    In reality filming is about to start and the BBC took the opportunity to use a 360 degree camera for a very quick introductory video, led by the show’s writer and creator Patrick Ness, to show viewers the stage area as well as introducing all the cast.

    You can see that below. VRFocus will be back soon with more 360 degree action.

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