Life In 360°: Samsung Goes Skyward For Lillehammer Ski Jump

    Today’s journey into the world of three-hundred and sixty degrees takes us once again up into the skies with a similar level of daring to that shown a week ago. We’re also going somewhere very cold for today’s video, although not quite in the same manner as last week.

    Filmed in partnership with the 2016 Winter Youth Games as part of their #TheOnlyWayToKnow campaign, Samsung Mobile headed off to Lillehammer, Norway which has something of a winter sports pedigree. Being host for one of the more memorable Winter Olympics in 1994 amongst other contests. The goal? To film for the first time a ski jump in 360 degrees.

    Moving from a third to a (almost) first-person perspective, the jump, which takes places at the famous Lysgårdsbakken Ski Jumping Arena, is also followed by some extreme skiing. The jump though certainly captures both the speed and exhilaration of ski jumping as well as the feeling of simply ‘hanging’ in the sky as you fall.

    You can watch the video below. VRFocus will be back soon with more Life in 360°.