Life in 360°: If You’ve Never Been To Iceland…

    Welcome to the week before the big event. A week that traditionally is surprisingly full of pre-E3 announcements as studios and publishers jockey to make sure their title isn’t lost in the shuffle or swallowed up by the announcement of Mass Market Sequel 3 or Modern Reboot HD. How virtual reality (VR) titles will fit into this does remain to be seen, especially considering Sony and Microsoft’s alleged console evolutions.

    Before all that though it is time for some 360 degree video to start Monday off and it’s a combination of a couple of topics we discussed last week. Mountains and (briefly) Iceland. The travel film by Inside360 ‘Iceland – A Miracle Of Nature’ shows off just how beautiful the Nordic island can be as it takes you on a four minute tour of ports, plains, waterfalls, glaciers, mountain ridges, snow roads and spectacular skies. It really is something quite peaceful to watched, helped by some very tranquil music.

    You can find the video below. VRFocus will be back on Wednesday with another example of 360 degree video in action.