Life In 360°: Frustration & Fluff-stration In The Faroes

    Yet another week draws to a close in the world of virtual reality (VR) and we’ve a somewhat quirky entry into Life In 360° to begin your Friday. We’re on our way to somewhere we’ve not visited before in this column, the Faroe Islands.

    The small archipelago situated in the North Atlantic between Norway and Iceland is used to not being a priority on things. They are used to having to wait. However, the citizen’s patience is not limitless and when the people wanted to have access to Google Street View, but Google showed little interest in scanning the islands an enterprising group decided to do it themselves. How? By employing an unususal replacement for Google’s Street View cars – namely some of the sheep that roam the island.

    Fitting five of the animals with a special camera harness the team have created ‘Sheep View 360‘ which they hope wool, sorry, they hope will encourage Google to visit. You can see the video below. VRFocus will be back next week with more 360 degree video.

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