Life In 360°: Floor, Bars and Beams

    Welcome to Wednesday. Over in Germany Gamescom is well underway, although it feels somewhat tame at the moment. What virtual reality (VR) news will be revealed in the days to come? Stick with VRFocus to find out.

    Now I did tease something ghost train related for today. However, I made the schoolboy error of looking away from the site for five minutes and it turns out that which was going to be today’s Life In 360° was run as a general story during the day. Oh well. We’ll just have to have something else won’t we?

    Thankfully there are plenty of new 360 degree videos at present thanks largely due to the ongoing Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. So today’s video takes us down onto the floor of the gymnastics arena where America’s Simone Biles (Who does feature) has been so successful. Thanks to the BBC we can travel around the ‘cycle’ in the arena and take in the events such as the floor, uneven bars and beam.

    VRFocus will be back on Friday for your last 360 degree video of the week.