Life In 360°: Come Fly With Me

    Welcome back to another week at VRFocus one that, judging by the calendar will be one of our few calm, non-event weeks. A nice deep breath until we head off to SIGGRAPH for the end of the month. Then August happens.

    Oh boy, does August happen.

    Before we’re all dragged kicking and screaming by our office colleagues into yet more discussions about Pokémon GO I thought you might appreciate getting away from it all. Something technical that you never really get to see, and are certainly unlikely to nowadays especially in the current global climate. That is be sit in the cockpit of a commercial aeroplane.

    Brought to us by the people at Blick, this 360 degree video takes us on a journey from Geneva to Zurich covering everything from preparing to take-off to taxing following landing. During which time you’ll be able to sit between the co-pilot and pilot (or Flight Commander and First Officer in this case) as they fly the SWISS Airbus A320 to it’s destination all whilst being you’re able to look around and see just what they have to do.

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