There couldn’t be a better pairing of companies, now that Matterport, who deals with the visualisation of 3D spaces and often turns them into virtual reality (VR) experiences for people to walk around in, has acquired Virtual Walkthrough, 360 degree and VR tour company.

Matterport has been reported on a fair amount here on VFocus, but the company less spoken about may be Virtual Tour. The company created a platform from which users can experience residential and commercial properties, creating fully navigational virtual tours. Matterport has taken the chance to take up this company and use it to expand its already far reach on 3D VR space visualisation.

The two companies feel that they are assets to each other, offering a great amount of support for both of their overall goals.”Virtual Walkthrough has a tremendous reputation in the UK and Europe, with notable  real estate clients such as CBRE, Hammerson and Keller Williams and travel and hospitality clients such as Marriott and Intercontinental hotels. Virtual Walkthrough is a natural fit for Matterport, in terms of business focus, philosophy, and technology,” said Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport, in a press release.

“Both companies share the same vision of enabling people to experience places as if they were there. We’re excited to continue to expand our vision together, on a global scale, for more people and across more industries.”

“With Matterport’s 3D solution, Virtual Walkthrough will be able to provide a more immersive /realistic experience to clients in the UK and Europe,” said James Morris-Manuel, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Virtual Walkthrough. “Matterport’s advanced technology, including a simple capture system, virtual reality support and more, will allow us to provide additional value to customers and to expand globally.”

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