Life In 360°: A Triple Threat Of Frightening Proportions

    Welcome back to another Friday on VRFocus following another busy week of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) news. Today’s 360 degree effort is one designed to give you a bit of a scare. And, since I’m off on holiday for two weks after today and you may not be having a Life In 360 for a while it’s a multi-part series too boot.

    As such here’s a three-part series from the DimensionGate and Occupied VR teams. Each episode is, in essence, unconnected to the last. However there are similarities in terms of length and you will need to keep your eyes peeled lest you come across something that wouldn’t mind that much in peeling them for you.

    Episode 1: “3:00AM”

    Who’d’ve thought sleeping in a room full of dolls an big staring pictures could be ominous? Not this particular lady whose sleep is disturbed at three in the morning when, something, decides it wants her sheets.

    And that’s for starters.

    Episode 2: “House Guest”

    Maybe it’s just there are so many doors and so many stairs in so big a house that you’re just not sure where your house guest is sometimes. Or is it that you have more than one house guest? Too much exercise can kill you, you know…

    Episode 3: “Dismember”

    In this episode a team of ghost hunters get more than they bargained for when they set up cameras around an area known to be rife with activity and the ghost of a woman gruesomely killed in a satanic ritual.

    Well, I think that’s your ghosts, ghouls and satanic worship quota filled for the morning. VRFocus will of course be busy throughout the day bringing you VR news and features, whilst Life In 360° will return soon.