Ku6 Media Co. Collaborates with 720Yun.com on VR Community

    While the US and Europe alongside Asian countries like Japan and South Korea are leading the charge on virtual reality (VR) development and implementation, Chinese companies are also expanding into the technology. Ku6 Media Co., Ltd an internet video company focused on User Generated Content (UGC) has announced a strategic cooperation agreement with 720Yun.com to enhance the company’s VR strategy by launching a cooperative VR community.

    Through Ku6 Medias website the companies have created a VR community split over eight categories, including aerial photography, SLR photography, virtual effects, quick mode (for devices like Ricoh Theta), cities, campuses, fun and business projects. Additional categories to this VR community will be added in the future as demand requires.

    Mr. Feng Gao, Chief Executive Officer of Ku6 Media, said in a statement: “As a pre-eminent UGC provider in China, we need to continue to provide technologically superior products available to our users. We are very pleased to form strategic partnership with 720Yun.com, one of China’s leading three-dimensional panorama technology companies, to create a truly unique virtual reality community.”

    Being a 3D panorama technology company and 3D panorama technology content and services provider, 720Yun.com will provide panorama technology and content to Ku6 Media in the form of video and picture, serving as technical support for the company’s new VR products.

    The Ku6 Media portal will provide an area for visitors to expand, upload, and deliver their own personal immersive content to other daily users. VRFocus will continue to cover Chinas expanding VR market as announcements are made.


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