Kolor publicly launches Kolor Eyes, the world’s first 360-degree video platform

    The private beta stage of Kolor Eyes hosting service is now finished! We’re glad to officially launch Kolor Eyes: the best web platform for viewing, sharing and hosting 360-degree videos:

    • the visitors can watch some of the best 360-degree videos created by world experts
    • the content creators car host their videos, share them and embed them on websites

    Discover Kolor Eyes

    Before this launch, Kolor Eyes went through a private beta stage of several months. During this stage, thousands of 360-degree videos were uploaded by the content creators, making Kolor Eyes de facto the world’s first 360- degree video platform. The private beta period also enabled Kolor to improve the web player technology included in Kolor Eyes.

    The platform was designed following 3 major concepts:

    1 — The world’s best quality

    Kolor partnered with ATEME to encode and optimize the videos with the EAVC4 technology, that was mathematically proven to be the best in the world in this field. The streaming quality adapts to the visitors’ internet connection speed, and can reach up to 4K: it’s a world first in 360-degree video streaming.

    2 — Unrivaled players

    There are many ways to watch 360-degree videos with Kolor Eyes:

    • The web platform offers an HTML5 player compatible with all modern desktop browsers.
    • The Android and iOS apps are connected to the web platform; they are compatible with smartphone-based VR headsets (Dive, Homido, Gear VR, VR One…) and have an offline mode to watch videos stored in the phone.
    • An app for Chrome browser and Chrome OS offers another way to browse the videos.
    • The desktop versions for Windows and Mac are offline applications that can be used for events thanks to their unique features (support of Oculus Rift, dome projection, multi-display).

    3 — The biggest community

    Kolor Eyes gathers a large audience: several millions of views have already been counted. The visitors can easily like and share the videos on social networks or embed them on their websites or blogs.
    The hosting service is currently provided for free. Paid plans that integrate professional features will be offered soon.

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