Kokoromi Announces SuperHyperCube As a PlayStation VR Launch Title Along With Gameplay Info

    It has been a little while since development studio Kokoromi has updated on SuperHyperCube, with the last piece of news being a 360-degree gameplay footage of the title. Now, on the European PlayStation Blog, it has been announced that the title will release in time for the PlayStation VR launch this October.

    Kokoromi took this opportunity to fill people in on the kind of gameplay that can be expected at launch. The aim of the game through 10 levels and 100 walls is to fit cubes through holes, but the studio assures us that it gets much more difficult than just that but they were also “determined not to stray too far from it”. The cubes will then mutate and create a random cluster of cubes, making the player’s job to rotate and fit the cubes through more difficult. This is a VR game, so in order to put that into play, the cluster obscures your view of the hole, making the player look round it to judge better. “This is where headtracking comes in, and why you can’t play the game without it.”

    To hurry along the process, there is also the option to ‘boost’ the shape through the hole, and by doing so you charge power-ups that help throught the videogame. There are two power-ups listed by the studio: “The first power-up is a Time Warp, a bullet-time effect which allows you to temporarily slow down time, giving you extra opportunity to align your cluster to the oncoming hole.

    “The second is Smash, which gives you the power to blast through the oncoming wall, leaving it in shattered fragments. Nothing is more satisfying than turning the tables on those smug walls!”

    SuperHyperCube will launch on 13th October, the same date as the PlayStation VR. For more from Kokoromi as well as the latest news and updates in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.