KittyPup Gets Political In TrumPiñata

    Even if you don’t follow politics especially what’s going on in the US at the moment, you’ll likely have heard of billionaire Donald Trump and that fact he’s now the Republican party’s presidential candidate. A divisive figure in the US and abroad he’s garnered a lot of support to get where he is, and looking at this new videogame release from KittyPup Productions it’s fairly plain to see what side of the fence the studios feelings towards the GOP candidate are.

    TrumPiñata is unequivocal in its simple gameplay mechanics. As the title of the videogame blatantly makes clear, Trump has been turned into a piñata. Hung from a tree, players are given a baseball bat and one objective, smash the TrumPiñata to pieces. With a lifelike head, all of Trumps body parts are removable as blow after blow is inflicted. There’s also some of his best quotes in there.

    Unashamedly a political message, KittyPup Productions has simply listed three key features of TrumPiñata, Hit him in his smug face; His limbs come off and There’s a baseball bat. That’s all you need to know.

    So if you fancy letting of some steam and beating a doll like Donald Trump with a baseball bat is the only way you can. then the title only costs £0.79 GBP on Steam.

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