Annie Amber is Beautiful But Somewhat Disappointing.

    So what can I say about Annie Amber other than it is a really surreal and beautiful experience but one that leaves the player a bit flat and wanting more. I was expecting this to be a bit better than it was since the developers previous title, “Mind: Path to the Thalamus” was great! Annie Amber is described as a puzzle/exploration game and while there was some on rails exploration, I found very little in the way of puzzles. The game uses a gaze based movement mechanic that is a bit cooler than the standard teleport stuff I’ve seen in other titles. In this game you look at the teleport circles and they move you slowly towards the destination. It also uses snap turning. This still bothers me and I really wish the the developers would have just given me the option to turn off the snap turns and gaze based movement. It would have been a much better experience if I was able to explore these environments the way that I wanted to. I hope they update this to remove the restrictions put on the players and open it up to traditional exploration. For the under $10 price tag it’s OK for a diversion.

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