Jaunt Launches Publishing Program For VR Creators to Put Their Work Straight Onto the Jaunt App

    So far Jaunt has been calling the shots, but over time it has created its own solutions to many virtual reality (VR) obstacles. Its latest initiative has been to create Jaunt Publishing, a program that lets creators publish their own works straight to the Jaunt VR app.

    VR creators can log on to an online portal on Jaunt’s website to access this new program, and once it has been approved by an internal review board, the creators can access Jaunt Cloud Services where there will be publishing tools.

    There are five key features to Jaunt Publishing: you can transcode in the Cloud, it is compatible with every device, there is one-click user access with “deep links” – a URL that brings viewers directly to a VR experience, recognition within the industry, and spacial audio tech.

    “Working with Jaunt was simple and intuitive; I didn’t have to touch anything. I’m a very hands-on person, so it was a bit awkward at first, but when I started seeing the results it was clear that the encoding was solid,” said Quba Michalski, director of The Pull, one of 16 independently-produced pieces released on Jaunt so far. “And the finished piece plays on every device—it’s as simple as that.”

    “Jaunt has a great team of business leaders who recognize a good product, which is so key in these early, crucial days of VR,” said Maureen Fan, executive producer of Invasion!, an independently-produced piece that’s consistently a top video on Jaunt. “They’re great at featuring those products and getting your stories directly to your audience. In the case of our Invasion! movie short, Jaunt’s support has meant that many more people have gotten to experience what storytelling and VR looks and feels like, and how emotions come right to the surface in a very heartfelt way.”

    Jaunt will also be showcasing its Jaunt ONE camera at VRLA this week.

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