Jaunt Brings Cinematic VR to the East After Launching in China

    Jaunt is very much a recognised company in virtual reality (VR) in the West as the US-based cinematic producers and distributers has worked with some big names in other industries such as music and sport. It has been announced today that Jaunt is taking a step as the first US full-scale VR company to establish itself in China as Jaunt China.

    This Chinese branch of the company is already taking advantage of this new venture by filming and producing VR content in China. This move from one side of the world to the other comes with the partnership with the Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and China Media Capital (CMC), both China’s largest media companies. Jaunt will use SMG and CMC’s libraries of film to create VR content, covering topics such as travel, adventure, narrative, music, and sports – not much unlike what Jaunt are currently achieving.

    “We are thrilled to partner with SMG and CMC to be the first US-based company to launch a full-scale, end-to-end virtual reality production and distribution platform in China,” said David Anderman, Chief Business Officer for Jaunt. “With the establishment of Jaunt China, we are well-positioned to meet the demand for premium VR content from a rapidly growing international audience.”

    Jaunt China will be producing end-to-end full-scale content VR, just the same as the US-based branch will: with the Jaunt ONE camera, followed by Jaunt’s own cloud-based rendering software, Jaunt Cloud Services, which is currently running in China. This partnership is not one-sided as SMG will also invest in Jaunt’s operations back in the US to promote growth between both companies to spread VR beyond borders. As time goes on there can be more developments expected to come from this partnership.

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