Intugame VR App Receives New Update

    Intugame Entertainment the developer behind the virtual reality (VR) streaming app Intugame VR has announced several key improvements to the software in its latest update. The app which allows any PC videogame to be streamed to a smartphone device, can be used alongside numerous mobile head-mounted displays (HMDs) like Google Cardboard or Merge VR.

    Of the several improvements Intugame VR has received, the most important is probably the ability to view the game in up to 60 FPS. It now also supports full-screen mode on Windows 8, but the mode works best on Windows 10 advises the developer. This means you don’t have to play your game in bordered mode to get the full VR experience. Another improvement was made to the multiple monitors support. You can now select which monitor you want your app to capture and turn into VR.

    It’s important to note that, while images are displayed in 3D, services such as these don’t provide a true VR experience, with menus and other features that aren’t properly adjusted. That said, they do provide an easy solution to finding out what many popular PC titles would look like in VR.

    The app is available for iOS and Android, priced at £7.74 GBP, and VRFocus will continue to report on the latest updates and announcements from Intugame Entertainment on its VR software.


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