Insta360 One R: Everything You Need to Know

The Insta360 One R is a modular camera from Insta360. In the box you’ll find two “mods”; a dual lens mod for shooting 5.7K 360 video and photos as well as a wide angle 4K mod for shooting ultra high quality video.


You can switch between the two by unplugging the mods and attaching another one. A One Inch mod is also in development for ultra high quality video at 5K.

What makes the One R most exciting is the amazing new app developed my Insta360 that features a huge range of editing options. The App can automatically reframe your 360 video and pick out the best parts. You can combine 4K and reframed footage, add music, cut scenes, transitions, color correct, track moving objects and much more.

While I can’t show you any footage in this video check back on the 14th of January where I can show you all the footage I’ve shot with this awesome little camera.