Insta360 One first test

A first test of the Insta360 One camera mounted to a handlebar mirror mount on my FJ-09. I’m very impressed with this camera. The 6-axis gyro stabilization is excellent and is the first camera I’ve used mounted to the handle bar that gave acceptable results.

I exported the 360 “.insv” file and processed it using Insta360 Studio to capture the wanted angles and zoom using the studio’s “fisheye” mode with the medium bit rate and then exported the result as an “.mp4” file that I then processed using iMovie with auto color and audio enhancements.

Not surprisingly, the internal microphone on the Insta360 One produces unacceptable wind noise when moving even at moderate speed.

Along with the stabilization, the shoot and then point feature makes it, I think, ideal for moto vlogging. You simply turn the camera on and then forget about it until you’re done with the ride and then, in post production, you select exactly the angle and zoom that you want to display in the final video.