Insta360 Nano S review (2018): iPhone 360 camera – 21 advantages + 7 shooting tips in 5 minutes

This is a review of the Insta360 Nano S, a 360 camera for iPhone, with actual Nano S sample photos and videos (in Freecapture style). In 5 minutes, I show 21 advantages over regular cameras. Hint: it’s not just for 360 photos or videos.
In Part 2, I also show an Insta360 Nano S tutorial and guide, including 7 Insta360 Nano S tips. Nano S is available from Amazon for $239: or direct from Insta360: For more info on the Nano S, including a detailed review, more Nano S example photos, comparisons, advanced techniques, see here:
also see my playlist of Nano S sample videos: