Insta360 Go 2 FPV drone – Cinematic FPV drone for beginners #shorts

Do you want to shoot cinematic FPV drone videos? Here are the three things you need to look for in a drone. And I’ll also show you an Insta360 Go 2 FPV drone and a cinematic fpv drone for beginners that can meet all three requirements and are both well under 249 grams.

Beta85X v2 for FrSky (works with Taranis QX7)
Insta360 Go 2
Beta95X v3 – check pyrodrone, getfpv, racedayquads, or other fpv stores
Insta360 SMO
Controller: Taranis QX7
Goggles (entry-level): Eachine 800D FPV
Goggles: Fat Shark Attitude v6

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