HTC: VR “will take some time” to Hit the Masses

    With all the hype around virtual reality (VR) as the next big revolution in entertainment its easy to forget that it’s still in its infancy. Yes the idea has been tried numerous times over the last few decades but to no avail. 2016 will be when VR in its current form finally becomes available to the public, and then the industry will start to see how popular everyone hopes the tech will be. But it maybe some time before VR truly becomes mainstream, HTC predicting a possible three to five year window.

    Talking to journalists at the recent Tech Crunch Beijing event, HTC’s chief content officer Phil Chen made the comment after talking on a panel, reports Cnet. “It will take some time for it to go to the masses,” Chen added, as the head-mounted displays (HMDs) like the company’s HTC Vive, will still require refinement, as well as further content. Chen is also noted as saying he expects a billion VR headset devices to be sold in the next seven or eight years.

    The HTC Vive is currently scheduled for release in a limited fashion towards the end of 2015, with a wider release planned for next year. The company still hasn’t revealed the final consumer price or an actual launch date.

    VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest news on the HTC Vive HMD as further details are announced.


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