HTC Vive order issues, check your Order History

    The pre order process for the HTC Vive appeared to go smoothly at first. Shortly after the site launched there were reports that the Vive was sold out. HTC advised clients to refresh the order page if any error messages appeared and that seemed to fix the issue at the time. Latest reports say that early orders are now disappearing in thin air.

    If you have faced any problems during the ordering process, it’s best to check your order again. You can logon to HTC’s website and open your profile page. Your order has to be visible under Order History tab. If it is gone, your order is not processed and you probably have to make a new preorder. This means your current order date will be lost and you have to wait until late May. HTC confirmed us the Vive is sold out for April and delivery dates has risen to May.


    If you’re experiencing any issues with your order, it is advised to contact HTC support before placing a new order.

    We keep you informed about the issue.

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