HTC Vive Consumer Price to be Announced at Mobile World Congress

    At the 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC) event HTC made the surprise reveal of its HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), created in partnership with Valve. So its not too surprising to think that the companies will be releasing further information at next weeks event in Barcelona, Spain. With pre-orders for the headset due to be launched on 29th February, it now seems the consumer price will be announced during the MWC show.

    Appearing via a post on Reddit, a user has posted a transcription of an interview with HTC’s Japan president, Hiroshi Tamano, by Japanese media blog S-MAX. In the abridged translation, it reveals Tamano saying: “Vive consumer price will announce at MWC and it probably can compete with other companies. first shipping country include Japan.”

    Another part of the article states: “HTC announce the price at MWC of the world’s largest cell-phone conference. but they understand that it is not popular when it is too expensive. Therefore the price of Vive is lowered not to have big problem in comparison with the other companies.”

    While no guarantee that it’ll happen its the best indication yet of when the price reveal will happen. And with such close proximety to the pre-order launch window its a fair assumption to guess it would happen at MWC 2016.

    And HTC will be going down a similar route to Oculus VR and its January Oculus Rift pre-orders, by making by only making them available through the HTC online shop, the article notes.

    VRFocus will be reporting on all the VR news being announced at the 2016 Mobile World Congress as it happens.


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