HTC And Oculus Look To Further Sales Opportunities in Taiwan

    Both HTC – makers of the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) – and Oculus, the creators of the Oculus Rift are at this point well set in terms of the selling of virtual reality (VR) products in the West. Both companies have been had their commercial headsets out for sometime now. Both are continuing to develop not only their product but their services too. With Oculus finally launching a web version of it’s in-app store recently. There is though always the need to look at the bigger, global picture and so both companies have recently begun turning their attention East, according to reports.

    VRFocus reported, almost two weeks ago, on Oculus’ plans to expand to South Korea and how was company was actively working to comply with mandatory regulations which currently prevent them from selling the HMD. Now they are looking to push into the Taiwanese market according to Chinese business publication Economic Daily News. To this end the company has selected Taiwanese multinational computers and electronics company ASUSTeK Computer Inc – more commonly known in the West as Asus – to help.

    Oculus have verified that Asus’ gaming notebooks, specifically mentioned are the ROG G20CB and G11CD are apple to ‘support its VR content’. Whilst the Rift will be available to demo in a VR area as part of Asus’ display at the Taipei Computer Applications Show (TICA) which begins later this week. HTC will also be showcasing the Vive at the same event at the event and will be partnering Asus’ rivals Micro-Star International (MSI). The partnership will see the creation of various marketing and sales promotions, bundling the HTC Vive with MSI’s own gaming notebook line.

    VRFocus will bring you more on the business developments of both Oculus and HTC as news becomes available. stick with us throughout the week as we bring you more news and features about the business of VR and VR as entertainment.