Horror FPS Smell of Death Coming to Vive, First Gameplay Released

    It’s been a big week for the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) and horror, as Wolf & Wood recently announced that it would be bringing its latest entry in the Chair in A Room series to the device with A Chair in A Room: Greenwater. Clearly not content with just one new horror project, though, another has been announced from Alkame Games. The studio has revealed its brand new first-person shooter (FPS), Smell of Death, complete with the first gameplay video which can now be seen below.

    The seven minute clip gives you a pretty good idea of what Smell of Death will be about; killing zombies. Players find themselves in a dark, dank intersection between four corridors. Zombies slowly stumble and crawl out of the shadows that shroud each path, and it’s up to players to be quick on their heels as they turn on the spot, take aim with a pistol, and fire using the HTC Vive’s position tracked controllers. The pistol has a laser sight, helping players to aim accurately but, once they’ve been killed, they’ll have to start over. The developer plans to add more locations to the final product.

    Alkame Games itself is a four man studio that’s working to get Smell of Death on Steam in the near future, though a specific release date is yet to be announced. The HTC Vive itself will be releasing in April 2016, so don’t expect to see it until at least then. It’s also not clear if other weapons and enemy types could make it into the title. The developer also hopes to bring the title to both the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR HMDs in the future, should they be given the chance.

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