Hop, Skip and Jump Back in Time to See Iconic Olympic Moments in 360 With The Modern Games

    It’s left, right, and center. You cannot escape the news from the Olympics even if you could run as fast as Usain Bolt. If you are one to enjoy this news, then it will be a pleasure to hear that the New York Times has now released a 360 degree app where you can look back at all the biggest moments in Olympic history.

    There is a whole host of moments to look back on throughout the history of the biggest sporting event known to man in The Modern Games “from Babe Didrikson’s paradigm-shifting victories in 1932 to the nearly superhuman feats of gold medalists like Bob Beamon and Usain Bolt.” This collection of moments has been released for Google Cardboard by The New York Times’ VR app, in collaboration The Mill.

    Eric Chang, the Creative Director on the project, spoke about how and why It was an exciting prospect to work with this archival material, which presented an interesting opportunity. Photography is somewhat subtractive – the goal is often to focus on a specific action. Virtual reality is additive. The viewer controls the direction of focus, so as environment-builders we have to account for that.”

    The Modern Games is available on the NYT VR app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play and iTunes stores for free for Cardboard devices. It is said that there will be more stories added to the app over time.

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