Digital Domain to Debut 360 Camera Zeus in Rio

    Today award-winning visual effects company Digital Domain has announced it’ll be taking its newly revealed 360-degree camera, Zeus to a major sporting event in Rio de Janerio.

    While the press release didn’t state the Rio 2016 Olympics its more than likely this is the event the company will be showcasing its brand new camera technology. The Digital Domain team will be shooting, packaging and distributing over 250 hours of VR content for the event.

    “From the early days of radio to high definition TVs, the way people have enjoyed live sports remotely has grown along with modern technology,” said Daniel Seah, CEO, Digital Domain. “Virtual reality is that next great evolutionary leap in bringing fans closer to the events they love, and it is a great honour for the team at Digital Domain to be a part of that history.”

    Last month Digital Domain held its first Global and Greater China Strategy Conference, “Seeing the Next Big Bang”, at the Beijing National Aquatics Center,  where Peter Chou, Chairman of the Board of Digital Domain revealed Zeus for the first time. At the event Chou said: “With Zeus, we’re confident that Digital Domain has the best camera on the market for shooting VR and live-streaming 360-degree footage,” said Mr. Chou. “Technological innovation is part of the exciting future that ‘The Next Big Bang’ symbolizes; the brand-new image and the greater vision for Digital Domain in its pursuit to be an industry leader in the business of virtual reality.”

    Zeus will be aimed at the top end of the market as it has the ability to record footage at a greater than 8k resolution at 10-bit RAW output, capturing a high frame rate of 75 fps. The camera’s also capable of seamless 360-degree livestreaming at up to 4k resolution.

    As further details on Zeus and the major sporting events Digital Domain plans to record are revealed, VRFocus will keep you posted.