Graphine Launches Unreal Plugin for Granite SDK 3.0

    Last week saw the release of the Granite software development kit (SDK) 3.0, a  texture streaming and texture compression program by Graphine, a Belgian-based middleware company. Today the company has announced its first Unreal Engine plugin for the new SDK.

    The new plugin features new tools and tweaking options for developers, from better optimization of memory usage to performance and quality sampling trade-offs being easier to manage.

    Graphine wrote on its blog: “Granite 3.0 is great for video games that want to render hundreds of objects with 4K PBR materials. And of course, it handles texture sizes up to 262.144 x 262.144 easily. It now takes 50% less work per frame on the CPU (in the render thread) and 50% less work on the GPU to stream massive amounts of texture data.”

    The list for what’s new in Granite for Unreal 4.10.1 is as follows:

    • New GPU cache settings: one global setting with the option to specify the cache size per texture format. It’s easier to use and allows Granite to optimize memory usage even more.
    • Sampling quality can now be set in every individual Granite sample node. This allows a better trade-off between quality and performance on a per-node basis.
    • Large individual GPU caches up to 1GB.
    • Import custom mipmaps.
    • Separate tool set installer for faster tool updates.
    • A number of bugfixes.
    • All other benefits from using Granite SDK 3.0.

    VRFocus will continue follow bring you the latest news on Graphine’s support for Unreal Engine as announcements are made.


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