Google Daydream Launch Date Confirmed

    The opening keynote of Google I/O 2016 revealed a whole new development that will change up the competition for mobile-based head-mounted displays (HMD) with the latest announcement of Google Daydream, the second mobile HMD to come from the company but with more sustainability compared to its former hardware brethren, the Google Cardboard. The release date has now been announced for Daydream in a press release by one of the partners to join Google in developing for the new HMD.

    One of the early partners who has announced its commitment to develop for the VR mobile hardware, NetEase, revealed in its latest press release the date of both its VR title and the HMD, saying: “NetEase will premiere Twilight Pioneers concurrent with the launch of Daydream”. During the keynote Clay Bavor, the Vice President of Virtual Reality at Google, repeatedly stated that the release would happen “Fall of this year”, not giving any further information than that.

    Google Daydream was previewed with a “reference design” of the HMD and controller that would be included as a VR bundle, along with announcements of other partners such as CCP Games, EA Games, and various movie and TV content providers.

    The date revealed for the release of Google Daydream as well as the titles set to release with its launch is November 2016. It is to be noted that this press release was moderated and given the green light by Google itself before the news being sent out, and so this news is to be taken as official information. VRFocus approached NetEase to expand on this reveal at the end of its press release but full details are yet to be confirmed.

    Stay tuned with VRFocus for the coverage of NetEase’s Twilight Pioneers, as well as the latest news and updates in the world of VR.