Get Straight into the Action with Raw Data on HTC Vive

    The latest big name virtual reality (VR) release to arrive on the Steam store this week is Survios’ gun and sword wielding experience Raw Data.

    Already an award winner having picked up two Unreal E3 Awards last month plus several others this year, Raw Data is an early access videogame that puts players in the centre of the action, battling waves of robots protecting an evil corporation.

    Featuring single-player, LAN co-op and online co-op, this early build is the one press got to play at E3 2016. It currently features two playable heroes, Bishop, the Gun Cleric, and Saija, the Cyber Ninja, and four missions with nine different enemy types and deployable turret defences.

    And Survios has big plans for future content detailing on the Steam posting: “You’ll get shooter-style firepower such as akimbo pistols, pump-action shotguns, and compound bows, but also dynamic melee combat with blades and fists, deadly defences such as upgradable turrets, barricades, and traps, as well as special abilities and ultimates for each hero. During matches you will also have access to numerous boost items like destructible shields and laser sights, in addition to secondary weapons such as throwable grenades, sidearms, and more. On top of all that, we’re developing more unique enemy types, as well as building out a full 12-part story campaign to further immerse you in the game.”

    While the team has said Raw Data will stay in early access as long as required, the initial plan is for a full release towards the end of this year. A road map has already been laid out on which updates will contain what, although no timeline has yet been set on when each will be released. The current planned updates are as follows.

    Early Access v0.2
    New unlockable special ability for Bishop: Fusion Charged Shot

    New unlockable special ability for Saija: Telekinesis

    Locomotion system update, with ability to change direction mid-dash

    Improved Enemy AI pathing system
    Early Access v0.3
    New Mission: Nuke Fusion

    New Enemy type

    Rack up screen and updated scoring system

    New Leaderboards System

    New Difficulty System with multiple options
    Early Access v0.4
    Two new Deployable Defenses

    New Boosts System, accessible via the replicator touch screen menu

    Pioneer perks released for Early Access players

    New Mission

    Two new weapon accessories for Boosts system

    New Enemy type
    Early Access v0.5
    New Hero: The Street Merc

    New Special Abilities for Street Merc

    Two new Missions

    New Enemy type
    Early Access v0.6
    Three New Defense types

    New tutorials

    New Special Ability for Street Merc

    Two new Items for Boosts system
    Early Access v0.7
    Two new Missions

    New Hero: The Rogue Hunter

    New Special Abilities for Rogue Hunter

    New Challenges System

    New tutorials
    Early Access v0.8
    Three new Defense types

    New special ability for Rogue Hunter

    Two new Items for Boosts System


    For a limited time Survios is running a discount promotion for early adopters which will save players 20 percent off the normal price. Until 21st July 2016, you can pick up Raw Data for £23.99 GBP rather than £29.99.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Survios and Raw Data, reporting back with any new updates.