Oculus Home 1.6 Update Now Adds Automatic Updates and Controllable Bandwidth

    This week Oculus VR has updated its Oculus Home platform, bringing with it several new features that will help improve the user experience.

    Four new additions have been included in the latest version: a Coming Soon section, improved downloads, automatic updates and user ratings.

    In the new Coming Soon area, users will be able to see what apps and videogames will be heading to the store as well as receive notifications when titles they’re interested in become available. The improved download functionality means that users can choose how much bandwidth to use for downloads, thus Oculus Home then won’t take up too much bandwidth whilst other PC functions access the internet. The automatic update feature is likely the biggest feature most Oculus Rift owners will make use of. Previously users had to manually check for updates and implement them. Now Oculus Home will do that whenever an update becomes available, enabling players to jump straight into a videogame rather than having to wait for the update to complete.

    The last feature are user ratings. Played a title you loved or hated, now you’ll be able to rate it and let other people know, and see what the rest of the community thought of it. The user ratings can only be accessed in virtual reality (VR) through Oculus Home, not via the online website.

    Something not officially posted on the changelog but noticed by RealityCheckVR on Twitter, was that four Oculus Sensors can now be connected (if you have enough connections). While one is all you need to use the Oculus Rift, this new addition may well be focused towards the company’s Oculus Touch controllers which are due to release later this year to enable a highly accurate ‘Room Scale’ feature.

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