Geomedia Release VR Bot Shooter App for IOS

    Last summer Geomedia released DinoTrek VR, a free experience where users can enjoy a 360 degree prehistoric environment. The Texas-based interactive and production studio have returned with another virtual reality (VR) experience, jumping forward into the technology-burdened future with a shooter game, GeoBots, fully supported for the Google Cardboard VR headset.

    The VR app, taking a more interactive turn compared to its predecessor, immerses the player into a factory infested with swarming robot targets where the user engages in a melee of wiping out the bots using their gaze in the headset. The gameplay is familiar and simple, and there are additional points awarded for the higher the combo, varied bots with different points awarded for their destruction, and bonuses awarded for left over time.

    On top of DinoTrek and GeoBots, Geomedia have developed a range of VR and augmented reality (AR) experience, including projects for the American Natural History Museum and for the Blackhawks NHL team.

    The app is currently available and is free to get from the iTunes app store. Although fully compatible for VR it is also available to use on widescreen, rated 4+.

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