Gate Ventures PLC Announces Investment in Infinity House Productions Ltd

    With virtual realities (VR) ever growing presence, more and more companies are seeking to capitalise on what could be a very lucrative industry. Gate Ventures PLC an investment company that specialises in the media and entertainment sectors, has announced its latest agreement to invest £1 million GBP in Infinity House Productions Ltd. Infinity is the parent company of Infinite 360° VR, VR film and production house.

    The investment will give Gate Ventures a 61 per cent stake in Infinity with Dr Johnny Hon, Chairman of Gate Ventures PLC, saying in a statement: “The investment in Infinity has great synergy with Gate’s other investee companies, and will advance the Company’s position as an innovative leader in the entertainment industry. The Board will work closely with Infinity House Productions to explore further expansion opportunities in order to effectively promote and capitalise on the increasing interest in virtual reality content.”

    Infinite 360° VR, uses the latest VR technology to create content for film, television, concert, and theatre. It created the Living the Life series, a VR talk show aired on the Sky Art network featuring Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Fry, Bill Wyman, Sir Tim Rice, Jeremy Clarkson and Bridget Nielsen among others over the 27 episodes. One of its other VR experiences is the Virtual Reality Retreat, the first member club house in the UK that provides VR health and well-being experiences like meditation, motivation, relaxation and fitness lessons.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Infinite 360° VR, reporting back on its latest VR ventures.


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